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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cannon Family | Southeastern Idaho Family Photographer

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
This past week, while on Thanksgiving Break, my family did family photos. 

Usually, family photos turn into everyone arguing, getting bored, and everything bad. I usually cringe when it comes time to take family photos because I am the one who usually takes them. 

It usually consists of me positioning everyone, only to have someone move or not like the position, then pushing the timer button and running to my spot hopefully in time to look normal. It is just a hassle. 

But, this time, we tried something different. I actually got a button that I can use to trigger the camera. IT WORKED! The wind stopped and the sun disappeared long enough to take the photos. Everything was finally on our side. Everyone was so awesome, and the photos turned out great. I love them all so much. In fact, I am even going to be printing some of them super big to hang on my wall. Yay! I use to hate family photos, but now I love them. 

Thank you, button.


  1. These all look sooooo good!:) You done good sista!!!

  2. Wow you guys all look so good!! Such beautiful people and great outfit choices!
    Fam pics are the worst for us haha

  3. Such a pretty family! All their girls are gorgeous! These look beautiful.


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