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Monday, January 25, 2016

Year in Review: 2015 Through My iPhone

Monday, January 25, 2016
I have definitely slacked in keeping my blog updated on my life! So, what better way to update everyone on my life with the photos from my iPhone in 2015? (and a little from 2014)

So, here goes. 

Sometimes, I shoot people while I am in a wedding dress.

 I babysat Amelia a lot!

Got to see Paige! 

Made a slide with extra mattresses

Made snowmen with my roommates cousin

Brooke got engaged to Corbin 

Tried to knock Brooke over and get it on slo-mo 

Brooke discovered funny apps

Saved the world 

Brooke found out she was engaged

Roger and I had to explain that we are not dating

Saw my favorite house of Christmas lights!

Took a gymnastics class and broke my back

Went to some games with Luke

Babysat my cousins and did puzzles with them

Cuddled with Brookie Cookie

Caught Joe dancing

Caught Em sleeping

Trevor was a little excited to be sitting next to the BYU Women's Volleyball Team

Cooked a lot of new recipes!

Made a vision board for Relief Society

Amber Fillerup commented and liked one of my photos

Went to a few bonfires

We enjoyed the snack cupboard for Sports Camps

Luke tried holding his breath for a long time

Joe had a birthday

Cooked more

Went to President McKay's home

Built some stuff for FHE

Found photos of me and my dad

Skyped Brooke for a while

Met Karl G. Maeser

Got lots of photos of Karen and Kathy on their missions

Found this lovely egg during our ward easter egg hunt

Shot some weddings

Found a way ugly cat

Studied for finals....ECON

Discovered Rubio's

Did some of my bride's hair

Brooke took my phone

Got a new job

Didn't actually leave my bed like this

Made some new friends

Went to Moab

Got a new baby

Went shopping with Amelia for Sports Camps

Got some Zorb balls for work

Attended Sacrament meeting with Elder Holland

Hung out with Soren a lot

Handled little munchkins for Sports Camps

Went to Squaw Peak

Practiced my shopping skills

Went Kayaking 

Tried lots of salsas

Almost got washed away

Worked with some beasts

Found Kyle Whittingham in the men's football locker room

popsicle breaks

Found some very large shirts

Hung with the boyssssss

Talked with Roger A LOT

Found some asians taking photos

Went to the sketchiest Wal-Mart EVER

 Discovered DUBSMASH

Convinced Brooke to do weird things

Sent Cole on his mission

Caught Uncle Ben and Jay sleeping

Got stuck in traffic for a few hours

Found some gems

Ate too many popsicles

Became really bad at texting

There he goes!

Took more photos

Went to some soccer games

Did BYU50

Soren peed his pants

Brooke did her eyebrows

Got burned

Moved in with Kristen

Got some contacts

Went to conference and got super super close

David got a little carried away with being the pht

Did Jordi's hair for her wedding

Got burned again

Found lots of cute messages from my new friends

Thought this popsicle looked cool

Won something

I still hate snow

Brooke figured out texting from her tablet

Got to see Vince every day!


Went home a few times

It got way cold

More people stole my phone

Went on some awkward 3rd wheeling dates

didn't get any cavities

Studied with David......a lot....and somehow got lucky enough to be his girlfriend

this account used two of my photos

 finished the year off going to Vegas

with a quick side trip to Kolob

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